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Welcome everyone. In this tutorial we will discuss about an important factor of On Page Optimization. You must give On Page Optimization a Matter tag and Keyword description. How will you give it, we now show you. This is the code which will you write.


You have to write it between two heads. Here the head ends and here it starts. You saw we made a blog website titled newspaperbangladesh. This title will be shown in corner of your website. If you don’t want to it you can do it. Then you have to fix your Meta name. You have to write Meta name= keywords. Then you have to write the Keywords of websites. I gave Bangladeshi Newspaper, Bengali Newspaper, Online newspaper Bangladesh, Bangle Newspaper as keywords. You can give keywords as your wish. But you should pick the Keywords which will help you to find your website in the front page of search engines.
After that, you must write Meta Name Description. I gave “This is newspaper informer site where are available Bangla newspaper” as my Meta name description. I also used the keywords “Bangali newspaper, Bangle newspaper and Online Newspaper Bangladesh’’ as Meta Name description. You must notice that, your Keywords must be found in your description. It will be good if you finish your description within 200 words. Following this process of Page Optimization you can give your Meta Name, Keywords and Description above the Heads.
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